Elken’s health products combine the finest of nature and the very best that nutritional science and technology can offer.

Rooted in innovative research, our health products are based on a pioneering health concept which focuses on healing the body at the cellular level.

This is designed to provide you and your family with advanced nutritional supplements which are essential for optimum health and well-being.

With Elken, you and your family can live happier, healthier and longer.


Elken Spirulina

Elken Spirulina is a complete food with over 60 nutrients in a balanced proportion that is in line with the human body’s…



Laktoze is a proprietary formulation which helps to clean the colon and remove coprostasis. It improves gut…


WIN IG6 Colostrum 

WIN IG6 Colostrum is collected within the first milking after the birth of a calf. This all-natural food is offering…


XENIJI contains 65 types of fruits and vegetables that have been broken down through a complete fermentation…