The Oriental Art & Culture Association (OACA) is a non-profit centre established to preserve our rich Asian cultural heritage, provide educational platforms and nurture upcoming talents.

OACA encourages the appreciation of oriental art and culture by:


Making art accessible to all


Advancing the knowledge of artwork
through research


Bridging culture with education


Collecting and preserving art and
cultural heritage

The OACA aims to become the focal point of cross-cultural dialogues in art.

We achieve this through tailored exhibitions for all levels of society, tactical educational programmes and by providing the right space and platform where budding and veteran artists and aficionados can initiate artistic discourses and conceive ideas.

The OACC was founded as a non-profit art space in 2011 under the auspices of Elken Foundation to promote Malaysian arts and culture to enrich people’s lives through art. One of the main ways OACC promotes cultural art is through the annual Pangkor Island Festival (PIF) sponsored by Elken Foundation as part of Elken’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiative to preserve the country’s rich Asian cultural heritage and provide a platform to nurture upcoming talents.

PIF is a community-based festival held in Pangkor Island every year since 2013. A highly anticipated event, this year’s ‘Art & Seek Carnival’ celebrates diversity in art, culture, music and food under one roof to bring residents and visitors together on a common platform of appreciation and understanding of global arts and culture.

The theme for the 4th Pangkor Island Festival (PIF) 2017 is ‘Kinship: Creating Bonds and Embracing Nature’. This year, in partnership with the International Council of Organisations of Folklore Festivals and Folk Arts (CIOFF), an Official Partner of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), PIF will show an exciting lineup of international folklore artists from Indonesia, Nigeria and Philippines, along with world-class visual artists from Japan and Taiwan. Visitors will be greeted with a carnival-like atmosphere and enjoy various performances, art & food bazaars, workshops, talks, music, film screening, visual & art installations, exhibitions, heritage & environmental conservation activities and more.